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Hi, I’m Abraham. I design experiences. I also help people design experiences as a teacher and a consultant. I speak publicly about the design of experiences. I design houses in an experiential way. I teach in the Graphic Design MFA program at MICA. I co-direct the experiential performance group Odyssey Works, and an Experience Design Certificate Program. You get the picture.

I’ve written two books about experience design – the first, co-authored with Ayden LeRoux, is about the performances of Odyssey Works, but is really about two decades of artistic experimentation with what happens when you work with another person’s subjectivity as the starting point for the creative process. The second, called Experience Design: A Participatory Manifesto, is pretty much what it says it is: a concise, conceptually thorough primer of the ten principles that should underlie the experiential approach to any making practice, be it theater, human resources, architecture, UX, installation, immersive anything, social design, pedagogy, architecture, religion, whatever. That’ll be published by Yale in the Fall.  

There’s a conversation I’ve been having about experience design and how it is the best methodology for creating more meaningful and impactful work. You can join me by signing up for Phase Zero, my newsletter, or by picking up a copy of my book. For a quick primer, take a virtual walk with me, watch this TEDxTalk, or listen to this interview in the Scratching the Surface Podcast.

Or maybe you’re wondering if we should work together. Perhaps you would like to spend a year learning how to apply experience design principles to your practice in the Experience Design Certificate Program. Or maybe you are at the earliest stages of a home or a building project and would like to develop it in a more meaningful way with the Long Architecture Project?  

Or just email me if you have another idea. I regularly give lectures and consult on experiential projects. And I love meeting interesting people. Perhaps we can go for an actual walk together...

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